Top 5 Applications to Help you Learn English

There are various applications available that can help you in improving your English communication. But to make your life a little easier, we are here to list out top 5 English learning applications that you can install in your mobile phones to improve your English speaking skills.

  1. ENGVARTA – English Conversation Practice Platform

Do you hesitate to speak in English? Or,

Do you fail to get the right words at the right time while speaking in English?

EngVarta is an English conversation practice platform where you can talk with live English Experts over phone calls. These experts will help you speak in English and will give you constructive feedback in each call. The application is user – friendly. The more you practice speaking in English, the better you’ll become. After installing the app, you can subscribe to their free vocabulary series and video lessons.

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2. DUOLINGO – Fun app for learning languages

This application is a well – known application among language learners. Not only  English but you are free to learn more than 18 languages. The best part about this application is the leaderboard challenge, where you compete against other players. You can unlock each level and earn virtual coins. 

While playing the game – you will not only earn coins but also keep on adding new vocabularies and grammar to your knowledge bucket.

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3. HELLO TALK – Get English Speaking Partners 

Want a English speaking partner?

Hellotalk will help you get a native English speaking partner. Chat with these partners via text, voice calls and even drawings. But the twist is – Your partner may be learning from you as well. This means that different learners from all over the world will meet together to improve their English.

This app is beneficial if you already know how to speak in English and you want to practice it on a daily basis.

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4. GRAMMARLY – App For Writing English

This application can do wonders to your writing text. This application is perfect for someone who writes a lot and wants to spot their mistakes. Grammarly helps you to correct mistakes. From eliminating errors to checking style and tone of write up, it checks spellings too.

Want to write an error free article?

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5. FLUENT U – Media Based App

This app provides you with lots of language videos – Real content that is not only entertaining but ideal for learners. News, story – telling, inspiring talks – there is a lot to explore. 

What are you interested in?

This is not the end – there are quizzes that will help you enrich your vocabs and learn it practically rather than memorizing it.
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