Are Private Online Tuitions Effective?

Is online tutoring effective
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With the dawn of the pandemic, Online Education has become an integral part of the new normal. The Covid-19 has not only shut down all the schools but also the billions of children across the globe have been detached from their classrooms. Though, technology has acted as a bridge between the teachers and students. Online Education has made it possible for the students to continue with their education.

Home Tutors, on the other hand, made it possible to provide assistance to the students and help them morally and academically. 

By giving online lessons in the best possible way and adopting the new form of education, they are able to reach the students. Often Parents have been seen considering online tuitions ‘ less effective’ than regular classroom sessions.

 But what is the definition of effective? Effective means something that is able to produce desired results. No matter, whether it is virtual or online, results matter the most for the students. 

Survey shows that children are 25% more likely to be focused in Online classes. That is more is the retention rate. And why not? An hour face to face personal mentorship of the student can help the student pave the direction and give better results.

Let us acknowledge all the points that shows Online tuitions can be a savior –

Personal mentoring of the child

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The child studies about 12 subjects in school(now online classes). However, personal attention is required in particular subjects. Personalized one to one attention and customized subject plan aiming for the weaker subjects is one of the best things about hiring Online tutors

Demonstrations of topics through slides & Modal explanations can create interest in the subjects that he is least interested in. Tutors can encourage questions and the child can clear all doubts without any hesitation. This personal one to one conversation can help the child get conceptual understandings about the topics. 

Without a tutor, either the child keeps the doubts by himself or neglects it. In this way, he will be able to get most of the classes.

A  teacher cum Counsellor

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The bond of the tutor and student is sometimes beyond our expectations. He is more than just ‘ a teacher’. 

Children  had developed a bond with the home tutors and just after the pandemic they were forced to remain in the four walls of the house. In this time of distress, an hour online session with the home tutor can provide academic help as well as moral support. Tutors can help the child with the right direction. Not only in studying but the tutor can act as a mentor. The tutor can help in making the child realize about his potential & cheer him up to perform better.

As the pandemic is dragging on, children stuck inside the houses often face emotional and mental pressure. In this situation , a constant motivation and enthusiasm can be filled by the educators. 

Tutors can start the class with energizers and different activities. Organizing online quizzes can keep them engaged and forget about the pressure of the outside world.

 Flexibility & convenience 

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The best part about Home tutors conducting online classes is that it is flexible. The student can choose any time of the day to start the class and get the maximum extract from the class. Rather than sitting for the class at the required time, online classes conducted by a tutor gives you the full fledged liberty to have control over your schedule. 

For example : Traditional methods of Education may restrict students to take classes at hectic timings, usually at evenings. However, the child may be a morning person and work the best at that time. This helps the child produce better results and derive maximum benefits from each class.

Isn’t it more convenient ?

Just switch on your gadgets & you  are good to go. Online classes cut down travelling time and minimizes the chances of missing classes also during any health concerns.

Record lessons

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Words once uttered by the teacher cannot be heard back. But not in case of online sessions, their softwares used for taking online classes gives you the option to record all your classes. Recording classes add value to your course. Recording lessons can help the students do regular revisions. 

After school care

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After school care means students don’t have to completely rely on their parents for their homework and other conceptual understanding. Every child requires time to pay attention to their doubts and work on learning skills. It is not possible for students to work by themselves in all the subjects. Especially during the times of exams, a strategized guidance is important for the child.

E – learning is a necessity

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 The situation demands online learning. Home Tutors visiting houses is no less than a life risk  in the current situation. Futuristic says that Online classes are the mirror of the future. It is important that students are able to adapt themselves in this world of learning. Online learning is much more than just subject learning. There is no doubt teachers put in extra efforts to make the class more interactive and add ice – breakers between the sessions.  Facing cameras and studying boost up confidence and makes the students speak more. Because one-to-one interaction is from both sides. E-learning is preparing your child for the future.