Top 5 Tips to help your child with Upcoming Board Exams !!

Exam tips for parents

Board Exams !! The very thought of this is enough to make your child feel highly stressed, but as a parent, it is your responsibility to make them feel relaxed and perform better in their board exams. If you are worried about your child’s next exam results then imagine how distressing it might be for them.


Check out these 5 great tips to help your child study smart and reduce their exam stress.


  • Give your child a proper night sleep
    Make sure your children gets proper sleep during exam time. Don’t let them wake up too early in the morning. A sound sleep of at least 8 to 9 hours is really essential to boost their mind and if they are not getting proper sleep, it will affect their ability to focus on study which will directly impact their exam performance.


  • Remain positive and encourage your child
    Motivate your children to be brave and show them that you trust in their ability and believe they can do well in exams. If they are getting nervous during study, spend some time with them and provide them positive feedback for the efforts they are making. This will help in boosting their confidence level.


  • Assist your child in studies
    You are the best teacher for your child. If your children are struggling with any particular subject or topic, help them by providing some extra practice and lessons in that subject or topic. Create a proper study plan and revision timetable for the subjects, go through their school notes, ask questions and explore topics while they revise a subject.


  • Let your child have a good study break
    Your children cannot study all the time, let them play or have a frequent break from study. It’s totally fine if your children takes a break from studying to refresh their mind. Suggest them to go for a walk or listen to their favorite music for some time. This will help boost their memory and encourage them to study harder and for longer.


  • Gift your child a home tutor
    One simple and quick solution to help your children prepare for the exam is hiring a private home tutor to help them in any subject or topic. One-to-one lessons with a private home tutor will help your children builds confidence and improves their learning skills to perform well in exams.


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