How to Motivate your Child during Pandemic

How to motivate kids during pandemic

Have you ever tried to find out how confident your child is? Or is social distancing hampering your child’s progress or habits somewhere?

With the dawn of the pandemic, the imaginations of kids turned out to be the reality of staying at home. Who knew that this deadly virus would force children to stay inside the four walls for an unpredictable time. The school wasn’t just the place of education for your child, but a place where they could play, move freely, participate, indulge themselves in different activities, & meet their friends. 

It is a time when you need to disguise yourself as the friend of your child. Creating and motivating them to learn a new skill, encouraging them to adapt to different hobbies & having conversations with them can add colors to both your lives. We are not here to become perfect parents because everyone has a different home environment considering various aspects. 

Despite working selflessly for children, we may still miss out on something that is important for the child. 

Kids are delicate to handle and every kid has their own way of motivating themselves. But we can still try some efforts to minimize the effect of pandemics on your children. Whatever you get in hand, you can work with that and make long-lasting and beautiful memories with your kid during this pandemic.

  1. Talk to your kid 

A relationship where the child is able to communicate about his life to his parents is one of the most important things needed to motivate your kid. Understanding what your child is going through, getting deeper into his mindset, learning about your child’s habits of making decisions & trying to know whether he/she is mentally healthy is only possible when the child feels a safe space around you.

 Help them overcome their fears and talk about them. Show them that you are really interested in saying “tell me more about it….’ is what your child wants.

This pandemic can be one of the best times when you can create an aura of positivity around your kid that can help them move and look towards the positive aspect of their life. 

2. Learning a skill at a time.

Kids today are more tech-savvy than ever. The time they spend on the screen, may it be doing online tuition classes or playing games makes them lethargic and less withdrawn from the beauty of handmade stuff & crafts or acquiring a new hobby.

Taking care of a plant every day or crafting tiny little cards or making toys out of clay, gardening, cooking, stitching, storytelling, communication skills, time management skills, learning a new language, making a journal, sketching, painting, learning dining etiquettes or writing stories and an infinite amount of skills that you can introduce to your kid. 

Hobbies are measures of personal accomplishment and mean self-discovery.  Guiding and motivating them to acquire a skill and highlighting its importance can help them spend their time productively.

3. Incentivize your child during online classes 

Kids struggle to keep themselves engaged and focused in the classes most of the time. Online classes can be challenging for kids who are less socially involved. It is important for parents to pay attention to whether the child is able to align with the classes. 

Try to grab their attention by acknowledging their work  & rewarding them. Help them develop a feeling of enthusiasm and excitement. Create a structured routine or a timetable for them to follow. Make them understand the importance of short-term and long-term goals – for instance, learn square of numbers or story narration. 

Double-check whether they are able to study or not. Make study sessions with  their friends or hire a tutor who is comfortable with them. 

Online classes are yet another challenge for the kids which requires constant motivation and cheer up. 

4. Building habit of reading

Reading can do wonders & can be a therapy for your kid. It helps spark your child’s imagination, develops his ability, and makes him contemplate on his life and make decisions. Once he develops this habit, this will be the best method of relaxation of mind. Reading is the best fodder for the mind to chew as your child will go down into deep biographies, history, philosophy, mathematics, stories, and geography. 

Another additive benefit that your kid will be deriving is improving reading skills, learning new things, and also mindful and peaceful sleep.

Make your kid practice reading daily. This is one of the best Parenting tips you will ever get. 

It is scientifically proven that your child’s brain development comes from proper communication. 

5.  The habit of Exercises and Scheduling time 

Children have limited or no access to play areas at this unprecedented time. This can make them anxious and their normal social development may be impaired. So, it is the time when you not only have to stand out as a good Parent but also as his best friend. Scheduling time where he wakes up early and making him do lots of exercises and hydrating him is very important when it comes to motivating the kid. Exercises will not only make him physically fit but also have a healthy mind. 

While it is difficult to provide every piece into the child’s life. However, we can still take advantage of a day’s walk or setting up available equipment. 

This pandemic can be one of the blessings in disguise to work on your child’s day to habits and motivate them to become a better person in life. 

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