Science, Commerce or Arts – Which one to choose after 10th?

which stream to choose after 10th?

Board exams are just around the corner. Pandemic or no pandemic – board exams are inescapable. So we wish luck to all the students burning the midnight lamps and preparing for their exams.

But giving the board exams is not the end of the story. As soon as the exam gets over, you’ll need to make the first major decision of your life, which is, choose the right stream for yourself.

But the tough part is, how should you make such an important decision. Should you listen to what your parents choose for you or just walk with the crowd. Making a decision becomes difficult, especially when you are not ready for it.

 It may be possible that you score the best in science, but you wish to become a banker. So no matter what stream you are choosing, it is possible that the stream that you choose may not be your career in the future.

You need to understand that the future is unpredictable. Something that interests you today, may not be your call in the future. So a conscious and practical decision has to be made. For instance, you wish to choose science. But all through your school life you have been struggling to even pass in the subject. This may not turn out to be a fruitful choice. So, considering your interest you need to know what you are good at. Envelop your interest, your strength, your passion and then make the right choice.

Before starting the article, let me tell you, each stream has its own magic. You need to realize what your call is. If someone tells you that Arts cannot give you a successful career. Unless you take an interest in the subject, it is just an old wives’ tale.

Soon after the exam gets over, thousands of different opinions from different people will downpour on you. Some will say science is for toppers & thinkers while some will say commerce is for people good in statistics and numbers. And if you have been a topper throughout your life, and you wish to go for arts, you will surely be looked upon with raised eyebrows. So neglecting all the myths and beliefs, you need to make your honest decision. No article, no person, no blog can tell you which stream you need to choose.

But whatever it is, never choose a stream because your neighbor’s son chose science. Understand what is your call.

In this article, we will not tell you which stream you need to choose rather, we will talk about when you should choose the stream in particular.

When should you choose Science?

If you love experimenting and proving. If you are curious to know what you can see & what you cannot. If you were able to understand and reason all science concepts taught in your school. Science is for you. You need to have a strong foundation of basics to pursue a career. If you want to become an engineer, doctor or chartered accountant, or MBA then science is a go-to option. You should understand that you are not just choosing the subject ‘ to study’ but embrace the subject. So choose science when you have questions to ask.

When should you choose Commerce?

Commerce is a way out for students who have a great fascination for numbers. Commerce is one popular stream among students that opens doors for professional courses. It lays a foundation, explaining concepts on basics of Accounts, Economics, Business application & Maths. The subjects that you study gives you a brief about how our economy and big companies work- how they take care of finance. This stream will help you pursue MBA in finance, chartered accountancy, Company secretariat, or a successful Banker.

If you have great analyzing skills, and you have the ability to handle chunks of numbers, commerce can be the best option.

When should you choose Arts?

Arts for our artists. You heard it right!

If creativity defines you, arts is for you my friend! You must know how to express yourself.

A stream that particularly will teach you History, Geography, Ancient Indian culture, Economics & Sociology. If you wish to become an artist, a painter, or a teacher, journalist, phycologist, opt for arts. This stream actually gives comfort. You can do Hotel Management, pursue BA or become a designer. Though the career opportunities have expanded over years. And gone are the days when art was rock and a hard place.

The truth is, it doesn’t matter which stream you choose. Each stream has a wide scope of career opportunities. It depends upon you, whether you can pave your way and excel in the stream you take.

So cheer up and make YOUR right decision!