How to Choose the Right Career after Class 12th Board Exam?

How to Choose the Right Career after Class 12th Board ExamHow to Choose the Right Career after Class 12th Board Exam

Qualified class 12th?? 

So, what’s next?

Preparations for IIT, MBBS or a CA? Or let me just guess, you are still confused about your future career. Right? 

Well no worries, this article is just for you to clear all your doubts regarding choosing the right career option for any stream student

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Starting up by the students of class 12th. But before I start, always remember, “You are unique. You have different talents and abilities. You don’t have to always follow in the footsteps of others. And most important, you should always remind yourself that you don’t have to do what everyone else is doing and have a responsibility to develop the talents you have been given”. 

Careers PCB students can pursue

(Scopes other than MBBS for PCB students)

Well, students do get confused while choosing their careers after class 12th. PCB students are often considered to pursue MBBS after their class 12th but there are also various other career options beyond MBBS that students can choose and set their careers in. 

  1. BSc. (Life science and ZBC) 

BSc. A Bachelor of Science in ZBC (Zoology, Biology, chemistry) can be a good career option for you if you are interested in any of the following three subjects. If you’re interested in the Research field you must pursue BSc ZBC. It is a 4-year course and can be studied in numerous government or private institutes. After BSc ZBC one can continue with MSc in Zoology Biology or Chemistry.

Choosing a course in Bsc life science gives equal importance to every subject that you have chosen in your bachelor’s. There are a few subjects one can choose in a BSc course; 

  • BSc microbiology
  • BSc home science
  • BSc psychology 
  • BSc agriculture
  • BSc environmental science
  • BSc nursing
  1. BSc Hons. gives you specialisation in a particular subject. One can pursue a specialisation in any one of the following subjects; biology, zoology, chemistry and many more. Also, can continue BSc Hons and later choose MSc in that specialised subject. A Bachelor of science is a 3-year course whereas a master’s in science is a 2-year course. One can apply for a teaching job in schools after a master’s in science. Also, can pursue a BSc BEd of 4 years to be eligible to teach students of class 10th.Whereas with BSc MSc BEd one can teach students up to class 12th. 
  1. MNS Military Nursing Science can be a better option for the one who wants to set their career in the army field. After pursuing MNS one can join  the armed forces for nursing. 
  1. Bsc food technology has a wide scope in upcoming years for students who want to continue in a research field after competing in the UGC NET exam. 
  1. Bsc in Medical Microbiology can set a good career in medicine for you. After completing the CSR-NET exam one can apply as a lecturer. 
  1. BTech in Biotechnology is a course of 4 years and clearing a GATE exam after the course would open up the door of Mtech in government college for 2 years with excellent career opportunities. 
  1. Bsc+LLB or BA+LLB could be the perfect career opportunities for those who want to pursue law.
  1. Paramedical sciences give two career courses BPT(bachelors in physiotherapy) and BMRT(bachelors in radiotherapy and technology). One can work in x-rays departments after the following courses. 
  1. B Pharm(4yrs) and D Pharma(2yrs) are also well-known courses for PCB students.

Students can also pursue normal graduation in arts BA and can prepare for civil  exams BCA can also set them a better option if they are interested in computer science. 

Career options for PCM students after 12th 

Do you remember the dialogue from the movie “3 Idiots”, “Ladka hua to engineer aur ladki hui to Doctor”. And yes, it’s a bitter truth of society. People have set their minds if the student is from the PCM stream he should pursue engineering. However, there are many more career options that students can pursue if they’re not interested in engineering. Following courses can help PCM students to decide which course to choose after their 12th;

  1. BArch. is a 4 year course and students can get admission in Bachelor of Architecture by a JEE exam that is held twice a year all over our country. The course is basically for designing. You can pursue your career after completion of the course as a designer such as an interior designer or can start your own company and many more to add to the list. 
  1. Merchant Navy: if you are interested in the navy you can do a diploma course in the following field or can go in the Navy by pursuing BSc or BTech courses as well. 
  1. Commercial pilot: for those who are interested in aviation and dreams to become a pilot can complete their BSc in aviation followed by the MSc in aviation.
  1. BSc: It is a 3year course. Bachelors or science followed by a master’s in science for those who want to go into the teaching field. One can choose maths as a major for their graduation if they want to set a teaching career in mathematics. 
  1. NDA: if you want to join the army, NDA would be a great option for you to start with. NDA i.e. National Defence Academy conducts its exam twice in a year for selection of students followed by a SSB interview of around 5 days. 
  1. SCRA exam: Special Class Railway Apprentice exam is conducted by UPSC at a national level. The one who qualifies the exam can complete their BTech in government college with good placement in railway jobs. 
  1. BA (bachelor of arts) in any modern European language or any specific language would also help you to set your future in different fields. 
  1.  BJMC (bachelors of journalism and mass communication) is a better opportunity for those who are interested in media and other fields related to it.
  1. BCA and MCA: If you’re interested in computer science then you can also take your career in computers. 
  1. LLB: For the one who wants to set their career in law. You can pursue BA LLB as well as a BCom LLB if you want to make your career in law. 
  2. Polytechnic: Students can directly complete their polytechnic in a specific field and would get a placement from different companies after the completion of their course. 

Courses for Commerce students after 12th 

CA would be the first preference of most of the commerce students after class 12th. However, there are many more options other than CA that you can come up with setting up your career with those options. 

  1. BCom: BCom is the second most widely pursued course by students of commerce after class 12th. Bachelor of computer science opens you to a variety of jobs that need to be handled by computers. One can also complete MCom (masters in computer science) for a better career option.
  2. LLB can be a good start for the student who wants to go into the law field. You can also crack some specific law exams to get a post of senior lawyer. 
  3. Bachelor of economics has been the most popular course for now. If you’re interested in Economics you can complete your bachelors in it and could get a good government job as well.  BBA and MBA are business and management programs for the one who wants to go into digital fields or wants to set their business in management. Both are a 3 years course. 
  4. Actuarial science: Students who are interested in mathematics can go for this course. You must have a better knowledge about the college you’re choosing for an actuarial science course. 

Whereas, MCA and BCA could also set up good career options for the students of commerce. 


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Choosing a course and a career option should be your choice. Just don’t follow the crowd and choose the goal you want. Set a goal with better management and planning and always remember while choosing any of the colleges may it be in any course, always know everything about that particular course and the specific college. ALL THE VERY BEST FOR YOUR FUTURE GOALS.