10 Useful and Effective Tips for New Teachers

Tips for new teachers

So you have prepared yourself for this day. Great! It’s a wonderful time to be an excellent teacher. It feels good when you know that your teaching efforts is going to make a contribution in society and shaping the minds of tomorrow’s leaders and innovators.


But before you begin your journey as a teacher, its important to remember a few basic things that will strengthen your capability as you make the move into this new phase of your teaching career.


Tips for New Teachers

  • Have clear goals and a big vision for students to learn and achieve at high levels
  • Deny yourself and students the option of failure
  • Celebrate successes and reward students with activities that enhance their learning
  • Learn and grow every day
  • Kick start students’ thinking by beginning class with a provocative statement
  • Use students’ strengths in knowledge and behavior to help them learn
  • Incorporate into your lessons physical and social activities as well as intellectual activities
  • Consider joining a mentor program or teacher’s union
  • Share with students the strategies you use yourself
  • Be flexible and respond to students’ learning needs



Source: ascd.org