3 Reasons why you should have a 100% complete profile

Reasons why you should have a 100% complete profile

Completing your TheTuitionTeacher.com profile is a great way to make yourself stand out to the parents and students who are looking for the home tutors like you. Tutors with 100% complete profiles are 30 times more likely to get an opportunity of getting contacted and hired by parents for tuition jobs.


Here are top 3 reasons why you should complete your profile right now!


1. Your profile becomes more trustworthy

More the information you give in your profile, more trustworthy will be your profile page. A more complete profile increases your profile visibility and trust, thus increasing the chances of you getting hired by a parent or student for tuition job. It also gives a confident & professional impact on parents. When parent and student visits your profile, first they look for your profile photo, profile headline, your skills and experience. So, it is very important, that you provide this information in your profile very carefully, which will encourage parents/students to trust you.


2. Improve your search ranking in our website

Having a 100% complete profile will make your profile rank higher in our website search results and you will start receiving job offers from us very relevant to your profile. When your tutor profile ranks high in our search results, more number of parents and students will see your profile page and you will be more likely to get contacted and hired by them for tuition jobs. Also, having a complete profile goes a long way in improving your profile ranking, and thus increasing your visibility.


3. More job opportunities

Your profile information plays an important role when we search our database to find suitable tutors for tuition jobs requirement. So having 100% complete profile will increase your chance of being shortlisted by us for the tuition jobs.


How to get a 100% complete profile?

In order to get a 100% complete profile, you need to:

  • Add your Name
  • Provide your Phone number
  • Verify your Email address
  • Verify you Phone number
  • Select the areas in city where you are available to teach
  • Select the classes & subjects you want to teach
  • Upload a good profile picture. Adding a profile picture gives more authenticity to your profile & increase your chances of getting contacted by 30%
  • Add a profile headline : simply define yourself in one sentence
  • Describe yourself in About me Section, here you can write about your skills and experience
  • Add your gender
  • Update your address
  • Add your Pin Code
  • Tell us how many years of teaching experience you have
  • Tell us your monthly tuition fee
  • Add your college name
  • Update the year of your graduation
  • Add your academics major subject


Updating all this information in your profile will allow you to receive maximum exposure in our search results and your profile will show up at the right spot when parents are looking for teachers like you.


Login to your account and complete your profile today!