How to Improves Your Grade in Exams

how to improve grades

Consistent underperformance in exams is the major setback and the most discouraging time in your school. And this pressure of not performing well doesn’t just affect one area but also areas where you were previously performing well. First of all, every child is able to perform well if the right guidance is given to them. And this article will show you how.

  1. Motivate yourself 

If you are not satisfied with your grades or if you think you’re not improving. It’s not the time for you to let yourself down. There are three elements of motivation – 

  1. Self-confidence – The feeling that you can do it.
  2. Finding the task unpleasant 
  3. Sensitivity to time. 

When you face a nerve-wracking exam, you might feel a lot of anxiety. Since you are experienced with a particular emotion, you had the motivation to act and do something positive to improve your chances of getting a good grade. 

2. Listen and participate in the class

It may be hard for a person to participate, but a little participation may help your teacher to track how much you know. Be curious about your doubts and try to clear them out in the class itself. 

Sometimes it is okay if you are not right, but consistent participation in the class will help you to focus more and get better results. 

3. Take thorough notes

Taking down notes can help you to focus on the matter that is important for you in your exams. It will ensure that you revise the right thing in your exam.

  1. Revise regularly 

We forget almost 70% of things after 24 hours. So you need a revision plan. Whenever you revise something it takes less time than the previous. If you learn a new concept, you must revise that thing within 24 hours then within a week, then within a month after that whenever you need. Revision is the most crucial part of the learning process. If you revise something within a specified time then things will automatically store in your long-term memory. 

  1. Have a mentor

Mentors help you serve as a thought partner for students on their academic journey. Having an inspirational teacher can help guide you and help you in studying. Your child may have been lacking behind in exams because of his poor conceptual understanding. This support can only be provided by a home tutor through a personalized learning program. You need to understand if the home tutor methodology is apprehended by the child.

  1. Make a schedule and prioritize your lessons

Writing down ideas, notes and future tasks can help you to clear the clutter from your brain. Block your time for the subjects that you must absolutely study every day. That is subjects that you are weak at or that require your attention more. 

  1. Stay fit mentally and physically 

You know that a healthy body means a healthy and clear mind. Exercise will reduce your stress and will help you to be mentally fit. It will help you stay more attentive and focused.

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