6 Best Home Tutoring Sites to hire Home Tutor in Lucknow

home tutoring websites to hire home tutor

Do you want to hire a home tutor but are confused about which website to rely on for hiring the best home tutor? 

You don’t need to go anywhere to find a home tutor because here I have a list of websites that you can sign up for without a second thought for finding a home tutor for you. 

These home tutoring websites are not only affordable but also provide you with the best home tutors that your child needs. 

Before checking this list, first find out why hiring a private home tutor is beneficial for your child.

Benefits of Hiring a Private Home Tutor

  • With the help of a private home tutor, your child gets personalized guidance and one-on-one attention.
  • Hiring a home tutor is time saving and provides convenience for you and your child.
  • Home tutor helps your child study more in less time.
  • Home tutor helps your child inculcate confidence and prepare for the tough challenges ahead.
  • Home tutor provides convenience and flexibility.
  • Home tutors teach more than just the lesson plans that are taught in the classroom.
  • Home tutor will ensure any doubts or difficulties your child faces in any subject is cleared.
  • You can ask the home tutor to schedule a class as per your own convenience.
  • Home tutor helps you and your child in achieving goals and objectives.
  • Home tutor encourages self-learning in your child.
  1. The tuition teacher.com 

The Tuition teacher.com is one of the most reliable home tutor sites that have 80000+ qualified home tutors to work with students of all ages from Pre-Nursery to Postgraduate covering all academic and competitive subjects. You can also get one free one to one trial class with the home tutor and book a demo to analyze if your child understands and is compatible with the home tutor. Here you cannot only hire an online tutor but also a home tutor for your child if you are in Delhi or Lucknow. All their home tutors are highly qualified and experienced.

  1. Engvarta 

Do you want an English mentor or tutor who can help you improve your spoken English? If yes, Engvarta is an English learning app and it can be a perfect platform for you to improve your English. Engvarta provides you with live English Experts who can help you to do your daily English practice. You can schedule your call at any time of the day according to your availability. Regardless of what your age is, you can polish your English skills and prepare yourself. 

  1. Chegg

Chegg is an American educational company that provides online tutoring, home tutors and textbook solutions to students. Using Chegg, you can do on-demand chat with the home tutor or an hour-long virtual session with a live whiteboard. Along with the academic subject, students can also get support for admission from the home tutor. 

  1. E tutor world

K-12 online tutoring sessions provide 1 on 1 sessions to students to provide them with customized learning and flexible schedules. Each expert or home tutor has more than 400 hours of experience and training. The service comes up with a personalized work plan for each student, records all of its sessions for review, and also holds regular check-ins with parents.

  1. Learn to be 

Learn to be an online 1 on 1 tutoring platform that offers free and low-cost services to students who need them. You just need to fill in an application form and section that parents, school teachers, and students need to complete. It provides you with exceptional & potential home tutors.

  1. Tutor me

Tutor Me is an on-demand tutoring website that connects you with an online tutor in less than 30 seconds. You will be able to learn from highly qualified teachers with access to special features like whiteboard editor, audio/video chat, screen sharing, and much more. 

Sign up to these online/home tutor websites from the convenience of your home and book a free demo for your child now! 

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