5 Simple(But Powerful) Tips That Can Help You Study More In Less Time

5 Simple(But Powerful) Tips That Can Help You Study More In Less Time

Exam time is always stressful. Reading piles of books and memorizing everything can be a very difficult task. The majority of students fail to complete their syllabus on the right time. If you deal with the same issue, we have some help in hand.

It is impossible to add more hours to your day but it is surely possible to make every hour more efficient and productive. In this article, we will tell you some of the easiest and more efficient ways to study more in less time. Using these tips, you would definitely be able to cover your entire syllabus while also getting sufficient time to revise what you have learned. If you don’t believe us, read further:

  • Study the same thing at different locations

Now, this is a scientifically proven fact- if you study the same information at different locations, your brain retains information better. Studies say that when we study at a particular location, our brain tends to link the memorized content to the surrounding. So, if you get many facts to link to one or the other thing related to the different surroundings, it gets easier for the brain to recall it.

So, study in your room, garden, balcony, at a friend’s place, and coffee shop. This will help you recall it better once you sit in your exam hall.

  • De-clutter your study space

If you keep your laptops, novels, smartphones, etc on your study table, you are surely going to get distracted. You may feel an urge to just give 5 minutes to check the Instagram feed and those 5 minutes will miraculously turn into 30 minutes before you would realize that you have wasted a lot of time.

Whenever you study, keep the technology away. If your laptop aides your study, keep your focus on studies. Don’t open another tab to just scroll through for a moment.

  • Study according to priority

Before you begin to study, you need to prioritize the material for every subject. You can prioritize the chapters according to the marks distribution and difficulty level.

Start with the chapters that are difficult and carry more marks. This is a way of delaying gratification and making it easier for you to study more as the exam approaches.

If you keep the difficult chapters for later, you may develop cranky, feel irritated and fail to grasp more. Keeping easier chapters for later help you to keep the pace and interest alive. You will be able to study more and most importantly, study efficiently.

  • The ‘memory palace’ technique

Another scientifically proven fact is that students who use the ‘memory palace’ technique can recall things in a better way.

Now, what’s the ‘memory palace’ technique? This technique dates back to the Romans and Greeks era and states that if you establish a relationship between two things, you would be able to retain and recall more. While you study, link the information to the physical location. This makes learning easy.

For instance, if you are studying in your room, link table or chair with information; say the name of chemicals or formulas, etc. Use different coloured pencils to memorise landmark dates.

  • Take breaks

You cannot keep your concentration for more than 60 minutes. So, instead of pushing yourself to grasp more after studying hard for one hour, you should take a short break. Divide your study time into 30 or 60-minute sections and then, take a short break.

These above tips will help you study more in less time.


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    “Women are also warming up to thinking about making the first move, With 52 per cent saying through make the first move, case study said.

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    Online dating applications are working towards creating a surrounding where women feel in charge of the connections they make.

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    to plug on a dating app, An individual is required to swipe right for someone if they are interested in further correspondence, And swipe left if but, they are. If the other person swipes right for them too, They match and can take the chatter forward.

    According to Mumbai based psychologist Harish Shetty, This new found confidence in women, particularly in the realm of romance, Can be credited to these online applications that have helped “Normalise internet dating,

    “is just not any shame or stigma attached to dating anymore. The world is starting to become gender neutral, And enough number of women are ready to start the talk, Mr Shetty stated PTI.

    Market players said the revolution in the online dating service industry to make it more female friendly stems from the need to challenge the existing gender dynamic, Which is not antiquated but also promotes inequality.

    Tinder user Tanyaa Raturi shared how she has often been judged for being bold and frank about her feelings.

    “I think that we would like more freedom to make the first move, But that will only happen individuals less judgement. we’ve been called names for being outspoken about our needs and sexuality, She says.

    Bumble, Which premiered in India in December last year, Was founded as a respond to the “Misogyny that women have faced for too long” And sought to question “outdated heterosexual norms,

    “Bumble was created because of the wanting something better for young women. Our team saw first hand just how damaging social media can be and wanted there to be web that was both rooted in kindness and engineered to empower women, Priti Joshi, Bumble global director of plan, stated to PTI.

    that females in India were more than ready to make the first move, Ms Joshi additional, Was evident from the fact they “Send twice as many messages on Bumble compared to women in the rest of the world,

    In a full page ad on saturday, A day ahead of world-wide Women’s Day, Bumble believed, “thank you, moms. with you, We have shattered another stereotype,

    A Woo study in December last year noted that about 70 per cent women found the online dating space safer when compared to last two years. additionally, It also pointed out the abysmally low number of female users of dating apps vis a vis male users three men for every woman in the dating foreign girls space.

    the roll-out of the ”My Move” setting on Tinder too was aimed at empowering women to control their experiences.

    “Our in market experiences over the last three years have shown us that dating ideals, Which were once considered the norm, Are fast improving, thought Taru Kapoor, gm India, Tinder.

    by means of “My transition, Women get the freedom to send the first message, along with also the second along with the third, Or to sit back and wait for another person to message them first before sending their own, once they so choose.

    based on Ms Kapoor, them is empowering for women, specifically in the Indian context, Given the nature of our society, Where women have in times past had restricted access to technology, Limited control over their lives and moral scrutiny of their judgement and their choices particularly passionately.

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