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Finding home tuition teachers in Matiyari, Lucknow is now easy with Here you can find the best home tuition teachers and private home tutors in Matiyari area for all subjects and classes to help you get higher marks and improve your grades. Browse our database of home tutors in Matiyari and also view the profiles of the tutors detailing their education and tutoring experience. If you need assistance in finding a perfect home tutor matching your requirement, simply fill 'Request a Home Tutor' form available on the page and get a free one-to-one trial class with the qualified tutors.

Sanskriti Shahi

Home tutor with good teaching skills

Location : Lucknow | Chinhat,Faizabad Road,Indira Nagar,Gomti nagar - Vikalp Khand,Tiwariganj

Classes I Teach : Nursery,Kg,1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th,LLB,10th

Experience :  4years

I am a graduate in BCOM and LLB from Lucknow university and have completed my high school and intermediate in ICSE Board ...


Home Tutor

Location : Lucknow | Aliganj,Aminabad,Indira Nagar,Janki Puram,Kapoorthala

Classes I Teach : 8th,9th,10th,11th,12th

Experience :  3 years

I have a good idea to deal with the contacts.

Yash Manglani

Home Tutor

Location : Lucknow | Chinhat,Gomti nagar - Viram Khand,Tiwariganj,Gomti nagar extension,Matiyari

Classes I Teach : 4th,5th,6th,7th,8th,9th,10th,11th,12th,Languages

Experience :  2

Good experience in teaching. Have taught many students,even give tution to my classmates during examination and all of them have passed with good marks...

Priya singh

Home Tutor

Location : Lucknow | Nishatganj,Narain Nagar,Matiyari,Chinhat,Gomti Nagar

Classes I Teach : 7th,8th,3rd,Kg,1st,4th,Nursery,5th,6th,Hobby Courses,2nd

Experience :  5 yrs

5 yrs of experience working in a school for English subject teacher CBSE board school....

Ankit Kumar

Home Tutor

Location : Lucknow | Industria Area Chinhat,Gomti nagar - Vipul Khand,Indiranagar Sec-14,Nirala Nagar,Jankipuram Extension

Classes I Teach : 7th,10th,6th,3rd,8th,9th,5th,4th

Experience :  4years

Completed from Lucknow University. I have experience of more than 3 years...

Ankit singh

Ankit singh

Location : Lucknow | Chinhat,Gomti Nagar,Indira Nagar,Gomti nagar extension,Arjunganj

Classes I Teach : Nursery,Kg,1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th,Languages

Experience :  3 yrs

I am very friendly nd frank towards my student with aim and objectives to enhance nd shine their good rslts.....

Mohd zaid

Home tutor

Location : Lucknow | Chinhat,Vineet Khand,Matiyari,Gomti nagar - Vibhuti Khand

Classes I Teach : 11th,10th,9th,12th

Experience :  5 years

I have two year teaching experience

Shraddha Dwivedi

Home Tutor

Location : Lucknow | Gomti nagar - Vishwas Khand,Tiwariganj,Matiyari,Chinhat,Faizabad Road

Classes I Teach : Nursery,Kg,1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th,8th

Experience :  1 year

One year expereince as a tutior hobby is reading books

Manish Kumar nishad

Home Tutor

Location : Lucknow | Chinhat,Matiyari,Tiwariganj,Gomti nagar extension,Faizabad Road

Classes I Teach : 9th,10th,6th,8th,7th,4th,5th

Experience :  2 year

Hello students I have recently completed and i had an experience of 2 year of teaching upto intermediate...


Home tution

Location : Lucknow | Chinhat,Matiyari,Gomti nagar - Vinamra Khand,Gomti nagar - Vijayant Khand,Gomti nagar - Vikalp Khand

Classes I Teach : 9th,5th,8th,7th,10th,11th,6th,12th

Experience :  5 year

I m winner of national Olympiad getting 3rd position now i pursuing btech from Bbd as a scholar student I have small time experience but I'm fully skilled At the 12th level I consider I have full ...

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