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Finding home tutors in Lakhanpur, Kanpur is now easy with Here you can find the best private home tutors in the Lakhanpur area for all subjects and classes to help you get higher marks and improve your grades. Browse our database of home tutors in Lakhanpur, Kanpur and also view the profiles of the tutors detailing their education and tutoring experience. If you need assistance in finding a perfect home tutor matching your requirement, simply fill 'Request a Home Tutor' form available on the page and get a free one-to-one trial class with the subject expert.


Believe in Hardworking.

Location : Kanpur | Kalyanpur,Kakadev,Arya nagar,Azad Nagar,Ashok Nagar

Classes I Teach : 6th,7th,8th,9th,10th,11th,12th,IIT-JEE

Experience :  3-4years

I have a sound knowledge of MATHEMATICS.

Kuldip Gupta

Home tuter for class 6 to 10th.(6 to 8th all subject,9to10th...

Location : Kanpur | Lakhanpur

Classes I Teach : 10th

Experience :  2 year

2 year experience for home tution, special for math.

Manish Yadav

Home Tutor for students upto class 12th

Location : Kanpur | Lakhanpur,Sharda Nagar,Vikas Nagar

Classes I Teach : 9th,10th,11th,12th

Experience :  1 year

Excellent in chemistry and physics

Deepesh Singh

Give my best to optimise your skill i

Location : Kanpur | Civil Lines,Arya nagar,Chunni ganj,Lakhanpur,VIP Road

Classes I Teach : Competitive Exam

Experience :  2

Deliver best technique to solve question in a smart work.

Suraj yadav

Home tutor

Location : Kanpur | Kalyanpur,Kakadev,Rawatpur,Iit,Lakhanpur

Classes I Teach : 6th,7th,8th,9th,10th,11th

Experience :  2 years

Well versed with teaching skill and subject knowledge .

Satyam gupta

Home tutor class- 1 to 10 th all subject

Location : Kanpur | Kakadev,Kalpi Road,Kalyanpur,Lakhanpur,VIP Road

Classes I Teach : Nursery,Kg,1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th,8th,9th,10th

Experience :  3 year

3 year experience

Shivangi Tiwari

Home tutor for nursury to 5th class

Location : Kanpur | Kakadev,Kalyanpur,Harsh Nagar,Lakhanpur,Vikas Nagar

Classes I Teach : Nursery,Kg,1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th

Experience :  1 year

President award in scouting and guiding ,national gold medalist in hockey,creative and social....

Suraj Tripathi

Home tutor for Mathematics.

Location : Kanpur | Civil Lines,Chunni ganj,Arya nagar,Ashok Nagar,Azad Nagar

Classes I Teach : 2nd,4th,5th,6th,7th,8th,9th,10th,11th,12th

Experience :  3

Home tutor for students

Rupam tripathi

Myself rupam tripathi

Location : Kanpur | Fazalganj,Kalyanpur,VIP Road,Civil Lines,Chunni ganj

Classes I Teach : 1st,2nd,3rd

Experience :  1 year

1 year experience in teaching

Avi money

Best tutor for you

Location : Kanpur | Kakadev,Kalyanpur,Sharda Nagar,Vikas Nagar,Lakhanpur

Classes I Teach : 8th,9th,10th

Experience :  2 year

I have good experience as tutor from this year i want to open a good coaching for students starting from class 9th and looking forward. i will take responsibility of student during teaching and for go...

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