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Finding home tutors in Birhana Raod, Kanpur is now easy with Here you can find the best private home tutors in the Birhana Raod area for all subjects and classes to help you get higher marks and improve your grades. Browse our database of home tutors in Birhana Raod, Kanpur and also view the profiles of the tutors detailing their education and tutoring experience. If you need assistance in finding a perfect home tutor matching your requirement, simply fill 'Request a Home Tutor' form available on the page and get a free one-to-one trial class with the subject expert.

Piyush bajpai

Providing teacher for 6to10 all subjects and reasoning, math...

Location : Kanpur | Civil Lines,Azad Nagar,Ashok Nagar,Arya nagar,Chunni ganj

Classes I Teach : 6th,7th,8th,9th,10th,Competitive Exam

Experience :  5 years

My name is piyush bajpai and i teach since 5years to school students and also as faculty for reasoning and maths for competitive level examination. Thank you...

Gauri dixit

Tutor of all subjects for students of classes 6th, 7th and 8...

Location : Kanpur | Mall Road,Birhana Raod,B N Shukla & Sons

Classes I Teach : 6th,7th,8th

Experience :  1 year

Excellent communication skills, good listener, calm and punctual. Worked as an english teacher in an I.C.S.E. board school....

Rishabh Mishra

Do the best . dont take rest

Location : Kanpur | Civil Lines,Chunni ganj,Arya nagar,Ashok Nagar,Azad Nagar

Classes I Teach : Nursery,Kg,1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th,8th

Experience :  9 years and 3months

9 years experince all subject

Abhijeet singh

I'm working in government bank

Location : Kanpur | Govind Nagar,Civil Lines,Chunni ganj,Kidwai Nagar,Mall Road

Classes I Teach : Nursery,Kg,1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th,8th

Experience :  10 years

I m gud in all subject

Ankish Gupta

Home tutor of all subjects upto class 6 and for class higher...

Location : Kanpur | Ghumni Bazar,Chowk Sarafa,Mall Road,Nayaganj,Birhana Raod

Classes I Teach : 5th,6th,7th,8th,9th,10th

Experience :  Fresher

I have done both 10th and 12th from CBSE board. I am also fluent in english and a good knowledge of computer. ...


Believe in Hardworking.

Location : Kanpur | Kalyanpur,Kakadev,Arya nagar,Azad Nagar,Ashok Nagar

Classes I Teach : 6th,7th,8th,9th,10th,11th,12th,IIT-JEE

Experience :  3-4years

I have a sound knowledge of MATHEMATICS.

Karan Sonker

Home tutor for all students up-to 9th standard

Location : Kanpur | Anwarganj,Birhana Raod,Hatia,Civil Lines

Classes I Teach : 6th,7th,8th,9th

Experience :  1 year

Good communication skills Creative thinking skills to develop new programs and initiatives Strong computer skills, including Microsoft Office and programming languages...

Rahul Gupta

I can teached upto 10th grade.

Location : Kanpur | Civil Lines,Chunni ganj,Chowk Sarafa,Mall Road,Nayaganj

Classes I Teach : Nursery,Kg,1st,2nd,3rd,4th,6th,7th,8th,9th,Hobby Courses,Languages

I'm good in accounts and mathematics.

Sonali Kapoor

Home tutor upto class 7th ,all subjects

Location : Kanpur | Mall Road,Birhana Raod,Arya nagar

Classes I Teach : Nursery,Kg,1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th

Experience :  5 years

I have been teaching at my place to students of St Mary's, Jaipuria, Methodist, and many...I am hardworking and assure the guardians of seen improvement in their ward.. within few weeks Teaching is m...

Suraj Tripathi

Home tutor for Mathematics.

Location : Kanpur | Civil Lines,Chunni ganj,Arya nagar,Ashok Nagar,Azad Nagar

Classes I Teach : 2nd,4th,5th,6th,7th,8th,9th,10th,11th,12th

Experience :  3

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